Located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, is one of the most requested destinations in the Center West region, and completely justifies its name that means beautiful in portuguese.

Gorgeous cascades and waterfalls, unique green tracks, deep and luxurious grots and fast running waters with crystal clear waters are some of the attractions to be explored in that region far 330 km from the capital Campo Grande.


Wetiga Hotel

Location: In a privilege location, at Bonito’s Main Street, a few meters from the art craft store, restaurants and with an easy access to city atractives.

Total Number of Room Units: 67 units (02 premium Suites, 02 Wetiga Suites, 54 Master rooms, 06 quadruple deluxe room, 01 Studio Room and 02 External Rooms).

Room Characteristics: New suites and rooms are available in different categories and are adaptable to the individual needs of each guest. Wetiga provides cozy rooms with balconies facing the swimming pool, excellent central-heated showers and Internet, as well as spacious suites with a Jacuzzi and thematic decoration.

Restaurant / Cuisine: Bonito is not only a picturesque setting. The delicious flavors of the region are a sideshow. In the Wetiga restaurant you will find several options of dishes that include traditional cuisine as well as the most delicious typical dishes, prepared by the hotel’s experienced cooks. Pintado fish with urucum, pacu fish ribs in passion fruit sauce, dourado fish Wetiga style, and Guavira fruit mousse – among others – are simply unique experiences for those who appreciate good food

Business / Conference: Bonito is an unusual destination, exotic and beautiful, while Wetiga has suitable infrastructure and technology to host events and business meetings in this paradise-like setting. There are two rooms for events with attached technical support facilities, a virtual office, four ground-floor support rooms and a double VIP room. Besides, Wetiga offers customized services and equipment, such as broadband Internet, an excellent temperature-control system, the hotel’s own electricity generator (able to produce electricity for the whole structure) and a special filter to balance the calcareous levels of the local water.

Hotel Services: free wireless Internet system, free parking and laundry service.

Leisure Options: The Bonito region offers several leisure, sports and adventure options. However, at times one might prefer to enjoy more peaceful moments as well, to interact with people and to make friends. This is the Wetiga spirit: casualness and interaction. You will find that casual spirit all over Wetiga, from the well-known Caverna Bar to the hotel’s newest leisure area, Nação Guaikuru. At Wetiga you will find a calm and agreeable atmosphere, integrated to Nature, very suitable for relaxation and revitalization. After all, in between adventures, sports, trips and the natural beauty offered by the region, there is nothing better than tasting a light meal and listening to the murmur of the waterfall in the background. Or simply enjoying a relaxing feet massage walking on the pebble-covered swimming pool floor.

Distinctive Features: The architecture is modern and original, totally inspired by nature, making rational use of sunlight and employing whole pieces of wood, used as an integrating and conscience-raising element. The innovative project, with its remarkably audacious shapes, allies charm and ecology to comfort and technology.  Wetiga is located in privileged surroundings, on the main road of Bonito, only a few meters away from handicraft shops and restaurants and with easy access to the town’s attractions.

Zagaia Eco Resort Hotel

Location: Rodovia Bonito – Três Morros, km 0-CEP:79290-000 – Bonito – MS – Brasil
Total Number of Room Units: 30 suites e 70 rooms

Room Characteristics:

Suites: 30 luxurious suites (single, double or triple) equipped with telephone, air-conditioning, satellite television, refrigerator, energy generator and optional services.
Veranda, fore-room, and parking area at the front of each unit.

Apartments: There are 70 apartments (single, double or triple):
– 34 Premium units: equipped with telephone, air-conditioning, satellite television, refrigerator and optional services.
– 36 deluxe units: with the same facilities plus energy generator.

Restaurant / Cuisine: There are 2 restaurants that combine world-class gastronomy with specialties of local cuisine:

The Zagaia Restaurant is used mainly at night. After dinner, the guests can eventually enjoy musical shows with local artists and are invited to participate in games and karaoke sessions.

A coffee shop nearby the swimming pool serves breakfast and lunch (optional) and remains opened all day long.

Leisure Options: There are 2 open-air swimming pools: one for adults, with a delightful permanent waterfall and the other, dedicated to children.

– Indoor and heated swimming pool, 2 whirlpools, fitness room and panoramic sauna.

A panoramic sauna, with astonishing scenery, a great must for recovering your energies. Mind and body well being. You can enjoy a relaxing and therapeutically massage in touch with nature managed by experienced professional. One more exclusive comfort for our guests. You can enjoy a relaxing and therapeutically massage in touch with nature managed by experienced professional. One more exclusive comfort for our guests. For daily walks, you can choose between a rustic trail through the surrounding bushes and a comfortable lane around an artificial lake. Horse rides are also part of our supervised leisure program offered by the hotel. For the lovers of stronger emotions, quad-bike tours through the surrounding bush reserve moments of great fun.

– Recreative fishing: There is an artificial lake with several species of fish waiting for you. The hotel provides all the necessity for a relaxing fishing.

– There are electronic games, pool and other activities for kids and teenagers and a playground, dedicated to the younger children, built within the architectonic characteristics of the hotel.

Business / Events: The Zagaia Eco-Resort Hotel offers a complete and modern structure for small and big events.

– The Zagaia Room, excellent for big events, is a conversion from one of the restaurants, has an area of more than 800m² (8,600 ft²) and a 42m² (452ft²) area stage equipped with professional light and sound. Fully structured for big events, capable of housing up to 350 people. The Kadiweu room has an area of 970ft² (90m²), suitable for medium-size events. Capacity for up to 90 persons. Support room and cooling system. The Aquidaban room is an excellent option for small meetings. Cooling system and capacity for up to 20 persons and area of 300ft² (28m²). Optionals: flip chart or white board, VCR, slide projector, 34″ TV, laser pen, retro-projector and wide screen, pulpit, ambient sound, flags, banner supports. Welcome drink, cocktail and coffee break.

Hotel Services: Boutique: There is a mini-shopping in the hotel where you can find a great variety of regional articles like, t-shirts, regional handicrafts, souvenirs, and variable utilities.

Coiffeur: A complete beauty center is ready to serve on demand.

Nursery: The Zagaia Eco-Resort Hotel also offers a fully equipped nursery, where the mother herself can prepare her baby’s food.

– A heliport is part of the facilities of the Zagaia Eco-Resort Hotel. There is also an airfield with a non-paved 1.12-mile lane (right in front the hotel area) for short and middle size aircrafts. Distinctive Features:  Architecture: Here you can see a little of the architectural details of the Zagaia Eco-Resort Hotel. All the decoration was inspired in the colors and shapes of the Kadiweu Indian art.
– The native and recycled wood is the main element in its unique architectonic style. O Zagaia Eco Resort Hotel also houses the Crisval – Travel Agency, which organizes and schedules the best tour programs in Bonito and region