Chapada Diamantina

Located in the heart of Bahia state, 500jm from Salvador, Chapada Diamantina is a national park founded in 1985 to preserve the fascinating enviroment. Lençóis is the main gateway to this paradise, because of its hotels, restaurantes and regular flights from Salvador. Vale do Capão, Andaraí, Igatu, Mucugê, Palmeiras, Campos de São João, Ibicoara and Rio de Contas are some of the cities that belong to the area of the park.

The landscape of the region is composed by waterfalls, caves, lakes of blue water, valleys, hills and an exotic fauna. It’s perfect place for those looking for adventure and beauty. Besides nature, the cities have many historical buildings, large houses and churches, streets built by slaves in the past, happy and outgoing people.


Canto das Águas