Fernando de Noronha

This archipelago is composed of twenty islands covering an area of 26 square km. The main island is the only inhabited. The habitants devised a system of sustainable tourism, creating an opportunity to experience the balance between man and nature on one of the most important ecological sanctuaries of the world. Noronha was Brazil’s first national marine park. All the water and 70% of the land on and around is administerd by IBAMA. Development is strictly controlled, and visitors must pay a daily tax that supports environmental preservation. Even with the rules, there is plenty to do on Noronha. The archipelago is the best dive spot in Brazil and it’s also known as a surfing hot spot.

Verdant mountains descend to sheer cliffs, wich in turn fall onto wide, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Beneath the waves live corals and colorful fish, manta rays and lemon sharks. Sea turtles lay eggs by the thousands on the beaches facing the Atlantic. And then there are the spinner dolphins. Fernando de Noronha will let you speechless!

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