João Pessoa

Paraiba’s Brazilian state capital, João Pessoa, detaches by countless number of reasons, in case its churches, living example of the baroque artistic expression and its peculiar old city center, and also its magnificent beaches gently breezes with a warmth climate. João Pessoa is one of the highlights of the baroque history in Brazil with outstanding churches and the historical center, that had recently suffered a recast that gives a unique colorful look to this highly symbolic area of the city.

João Pessoa and the Paraiba’s state detaches also, by the typical culture that is an unique example of the “northeastern” expression of Brazil. This region represents the most genuine ways of a culture that puzzles itself with life and habits of the people. The beaches that belong to João Pessoa area, are true paradises that worth to be fully enjoyed, with a pleasent climate that turns this destination a valid option for sun tanning and leisure all over the year.

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