Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre, capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, is located on the banks of the Guaíba River and is the largest city in the south of Brazil.

In the XX century, the city and the state have started to receive a mass flow of immigration coming from Italy, Germany, Poland and other originals from the Central Europe. This reveals an organization not much alike of the rest of the country. The differences get even sharper with the type of vegetation and the weather in general, much more fresh than in the rest of Brazil.

Porto Alegre offers visitors an elegant neoclassic historic center, pleasant parks, fabulous views of the Guaíba River, friendly cafe, and affordable fine dining. The residents are proud descendants of the Gaucho cowboys, famous for their horseback riding skills. Although horses have been relegated to the countryside, it is not unusual to spot locals donning the traditional Gaucho uniform of baggy pants, leather riding boots, and a wide brimmed hat.

Meat lovers will be in heaven with the traditional Gaucho churrasco, an all-you-can-eat feasr of barbecued cuts of beef, pork, and lamb. Also for those who love wine, the region around Porto Alegre features some excellent vineyards.

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