Angra dos Reis

Located around 150km from the city of Rio de Janeiro, it lies between the mountains of the Atlantic Forest and emerald seashore. Angra dos Reis is one of Brazil’s most dazzling and breathtaking destinations. Composed of 365 islands and over 2.000 beaches, it is the tropical vacation destination of any travelers’ fantasies. The city center is reminiscent of smaller colonial cities and boasts amazing historical monuments, churches and architecture. The region has a modern and qualified tourism infrastructure and a great number of tour options and leisure activities.


Ilha Grande, the largest island of the 365, serves as the main attraction in the region because of its pristine beaches, turquoise ocean water and green rainforest hills running from shoreline up to peaks over a thousand meters high. It was once used as the colonial center for pirates who originally settled there. During Brazil’s long years of military dictatorship, the prison on the far side of the island was where the generals sequestred political prisioners. The remains of the prison can still be seen on the island’s shore.

The Abraão Village is the main gathering point, concentrating the local fishermen and the tourism services. It’s also the spot where the ferries and boats from the mainland arrive. This heavenly paradise is waiting for you!




Vila Galé

Hotel do Bosque

Porto Bali